12 November 2014

Artemis Vision


             Offices located Denver, Charlotte and now Dallas!                                                              Email: bruce@xlimaging.us

Industrial Machine Vision Solutions:

XL Imaging, LLC has been hired as the ‘Consulting Sales Manager’ for Artemis Vision.

Are you looking to automate your manufacturing or inspection? Let Artemis Vision give you a free consultation and free proposal. We travel the USA and Canada with our offer….

Artemis Vision is an integrator that specializes in system design and software coding. We can choose the best hardware or the customer can request that we work with one particular product.

Artemis Vision has created a new high speed EVOH Barrier Inspection System for plastic bottles. Contact me for more information.

We can help you determine if machine vision is a viable solution for an issue. We call it the Machine Vision Starter Kit. It comes with everything needed to quickly get up and running with a basic vision system including cables and software. We help you “do the math” to justify the investment — that part’s a no-brainer— and then you can leave the integration to us.

Our systems provide:

Trace ability Product images stored in a database link defects in the field to specific product traits on the manufacturing line.
Repeat ability Automation standard quality control across shifts, production lines and over long production cycles ensuring every unit meets the same standards as the first.
Transparency Machine vision systems remove the guesswork from complex processes by catching them in action, and analyzing them on the spot. We gain access to full production data to isolate intermittent or non-human detectable problems, and help to eliminate them from the production cycle.
Efficiency Artemis Vision helps firms reduce scrap and the cost of manual inspection leading to quick payback.

Artemis Vision provides automated camera systems that reliably catch product defects in production cycles, help track items throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, and assist in compliance and diagnostic efforts. We create systems that use high-speed video capture, IR/Thermal imaging, simultaneous 2D/3D capture, and trainable tracking and character recognition.



If you have any questions regarding these products, feel free to use the Contact Form or call us at our Texas HQ: 214.334.6488

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