About Xl Imaging, LLC

XL Imaging, LLC was created in 2004 as a master wholesaler. After 3 years our direction changed to working with manufactures domestically and worldwide making introductions on products to companies that fit as a reseller or distribution channel.

XL Imaging, LLC sets up reseller or distribution networks for growing companies.  Im usually considered the ‘Consulting Sales Manager’ since my 30 years of experience relates to helping in the daily decision process as a sounding board.  We win great lines and lose great lines on manufactures changes in direction and are always looking to grow and move forward by adding new products, relationships and challenges.

We are not your typical ‘territorial’ REP sales company. We expand outside the box and try to stay creative and hungry. I created the title ‘Consulting Sales Manager’ to help others understand what we are representing our company as, since our direction is a little different.

In most cases XL Imaging works on a very small monthly base plus commissions from monthly sales we create. It has surely been a win-win for understaffed companies and of course, for me as well. Its getting the ‘word’ out there and the understanding on what we do which is a challenge.

If you have any questions regarding these products, feel free to use the Contact Form or call us at our Texas HQ: 214.334.6488